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Changing the world one bite at a time with a Vegan/plant-based diet


Angela teaches Vegan Cooking and Vegan Cheese Making classes throughout Northern California. Please sign up and join us!

Upcoming classes:

Truth in Food: The Blood Knows!

This is a brand new class that I am co-teaching with my friend Mary Matossian at the Santa Rosa Junior College. Mary Motossian has a B.A. in Economics and is a Registered Nurse (BSN.RN), patient educator and wellness nurse with Maxim Health. She also has a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from the T.Colin Campbell Foundation and a certificate from Dr. McDougalls Starch Solution. Mary is so passionate about this subject and I’m really excited to be teaching the class with her!

If you have already been following a whole food plant-based diet and are in good health then this class is NOT for you! That’s right, you heard me, please do not register for this class if you are already reaping the benefits of a plant-based diet. The goal of this class is to show participants how quickly their health, body and blood values can change if they follow a plant-based diet. The participants in this class will have basic blood work done in both classes that are spaced two weeks apart. Don’t worry, it is just a pin prick to your finger and a drop of blood. They will be given resources, recipes and the tools they need to follow a plant-based diet for two weeks and then they will be able to compare their individual results at the end of class. If you or someone you love could benefit from this information then please sign up and spread the word!

Here is the class description:

Are you overwhelmed and confused about good nutrition? Do you have pre-diabetes, aches, pains, and struggles with your weight? Are you exhausted before the day is over? Is there another way? Join us and experience a simple diet change for just two weeks and witness first hand how your bood changes! You’ll eat much more food, save money and have more energy. (Is there a Pinocchio in the room?) This course offers basic biometrics and blood work (cholesterol, blood glucose, triglyceries, high and low density lipids). This is a great value in blood work alone.

This is a co-led class with Licensed Clinical Social Worker Angela Glasser and Mary Matossian, Registered Nurse (BSN.RN). 

A support system will be created among participants and we encourage men and women to join us with open minds and a sense of humor. Changing your diet will change your blood values. In addition, hot topics such as fat, protein, carbohydrates and calcium requirements will be addressed based on undisputed scientific research studies that have been available yet relatively un-discussed for years. Breakfast and a light lunch will be offered in these two classes as well as cooking demonstrations. Please do not eat on the morning before class for best results in your blood test. Don’t worry we will feed you right after your blood test!

To reserve your spot in this class you must register through the Santa Rosa Community Education Department.  Here is the direct link to register! 

Private Workshops:

Angela also offers private workshops that can be catered to your interests. We can focus on alternatives to dairy or the basics of transitioning to a plant based diet.

Angela has her Masters of Social Work from Washington University. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Angela has earned a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Foundation and eCornell. She enjoys teaching others through cooking demonstrations about the benefits of a plant based diet. Angela, her husband and her two children all follow and thrive on a whole foods plant based/vegan diet. Angela has learned the art of Vegan cheese making under the vegan chef and cookbook author Miyoko Schinner.

For more information contact Angela at or call 707.726.2697